Sam and Cat: Best Moments Gallery (PHOTOS, VIDEO)


There has been a bunch of fun moments on Sam & Cat, Nick put it ‘em up with a Gallery, check out below the funniest ones

Click on ‘em to see it in HQ.

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Sam and Cat: Super Psycho (PHOTOS)

THIS SATURDAY Night RIGHT Before the Kids’ Choice Awards, 7.00PM, Nickelodeon will premiere a Brand New Sam & Cat Special, #SuperPsycho


Stills from the Episode:

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Sam and Cat: New Episode #MagicATM Premieres January 4

Sam & Cat return to Nickelodeon on January 4 with a Brande NEW Episode called #MagicATM, Sam & Cat premieres episodes at 8.00PM!
This will be the firts Episode of the second part of Season 1!


Sam notices that Cat is spending a lot of money; Cat shows Sam a “Magic ATM” that gives away free money.

Gallery of Lumpatious:

BTW there will be a special Lil’ Sam & Cat Show on Dec. 20 #ChristmasShindig

Sam and Cat: Peezy B (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

THIS Saturday night in a Brand New Episode of Sam & Cat, Kel Mitchell will be guest starting, the Episode is called “Peezy B”.

Sam gets a job as the assistant to rapper, Peezy B; Cat finds babysitting much more challenging without Sam around to help.

Here a CLip of the Episode:

Below a Gallery of the Episode:

Sam and Cat: SalmonCat Premieres November 9(PHOTOS)

This November, Nickelodeon will premiere the Episode of Sam & Cat with Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams called #SalmonCat.

Sam and Cat are ordered to rename their babysitting business because it’s too similar to “Salmon Cat,” a TV show from the ’70s. Sam and Cat must track down the show’s two original creators (Penny and Williams) and resolve their three decade-long feud.

Below a Gallery of the Episode

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Sam and Cat DollSitting (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

This SATURDAY October 19 the #DollSitting episode will premiere on Nickelodeon, and here’s the plot:

Sam and Cat are hired to baby-sit a doll on Halloween; Cat thinks she may have turned Dice into a monkey.

As you can remind, early this year, Yahoo! was in the Sam & Cat studio for a set tour:

Yup meanwhile the cast were filming this episode, below a GALLERY of the episode:

Sam and Cat: #BabysittingCommercial (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

¡Hey! After this time without new episodes of Sam & Cat, the show returns THIS SATURDAY September 14 at 8.00PM on Nickelodeon.

Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, Cameron Ocasio, Scout

Sam and Cat make a commercial for their business that features Dice’s dog; a family claims that Dice’s dog belongs to them.

Here’s the Promo Of Sam & Cat with THH:

And below the Promotional Stills of the Episode:

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Sam and Cat: Nesquik Commercial with Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy (VIDEO)

Has been a while since Jennette and Ariana did a Commercial for Nesquik,


this Monday the Commercial was release followed for an interactive site at, if you want to check it out CLICK HERE. And here’s the Commercial:

plus the behind the scenes videos:

MQ Photos of Jennette and Ariana for the Nesquik Commercial:

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Swindle: Call Me Maybe Reference and Ariana Grande as Geek (VIDEOS)

On Saturday the new Nickelodeon Movie Swindle was premiered, and if wanna catch again Ariana Grande’s character, Amanda in her geek way. Check the Clip below:

Also the reference that was did in the Movie to “Call Me Maybe” Song:

Here some screen-caps // More coming up:

We LOVED this Movie, hope you guys Loved it too!
Remember Sam & Cat back to nickelodeon on September 14 at 8PM!

Swindle Meet The Cast (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

This Saturday “Swindle” the new Nickelodeon Movie Starring Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande from Sam & Cat will premiere!

Be Sure to Meet the whole Cast of the Movie:
Savannah (Jennette McCurdy)

Amanda (Ariana Grande)

Darren (Noah Munck)

Griffin (Noah Crawford), Melissa (Ciara Bravo) and Ben (Chris O’Neal)

Latest Clip of Swindle:

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